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A Look Inside the New Library

Exclusive access to the school’s newest block

I was allowed into the new building for a first look, and the thing that struck me when I walked inside was the sheer scale of the space downstairs, and this impression carried on while I was very kindly being taken for a tour by Miss Bainbridge. Despite the fact that the furnishings were not finished when I visited, the vibe given off was that of a professional office with an academic atmosphere.

The whole of the downstairs space has been devoted to the library for the whole school to use. The main entrance is through a side alley, located to your right as if you were walking towards the languages block. A small section of this space is designated to be used only by the Sixth Form, offering an extra space for them to work and concentrate. Upstairs, there are two Politics/Citizenship classrooms and extra computer rooms. Furthermore, the entire pastoral team (i.e. Year Leaders 7-11) will be situated in one room upstairs, next to the classrooms.

We’ve all been in the situation where we desperately need to print one piece of homework off that’s due for the next period, only for there to be such a long queue that you can end up spending the whole of lunch waiting for a computer. Those days should be long behind us once the new library has been opened, due to the addition of “Hot Desks.” These are to be used only when you will not take long at the computer – usually just to print one thing off, saving a lot of time instead of having to wait in line, growing increasingly frustrated as the clock ticks on.

The older students of the school will be able to remember when what used to be the Year 7 Playground first made way for the groundworks of the building, which started over two years ago. The wait is nearly over. The library is expected to be in use after February Half-Term. Being by far the biggest change to school in my time here, I’m certain this will be an amazing addition to the school for everyone from Year 7 all the way to the Sixth Form.

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