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How Our Politicians Celebrate Christmas

As Christmas approaches, it is not only us that are in the mood for celebration. Across the world, our politicians and leaders are marking the festive season in many different ways. The decorations are expensive and extravagant, and in this article, I’m going to explore the political elite’s way of celebrating Christmas.

President Donald Trump

Fully designed by Melania Trump, decorating the White House for Christmas was a strenuous task, with over 150 volunteers spending 1,600 hours fitting the Trump residency. The numbers are staggering: over 53 Christmas trees and 71 wreaths were used. Nearly 3 kilometres of ribbon was used, along with more than 18,000 lights. The largest tree is in the Blue Room, measuring at 18 x 6 feet. The framed family Christmas card is on display, signed by the President, the First Lady and Barron Trump, their 11-year-old son. The card’s message is “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” marking a change from Obama which simply read “Season’s Greetings.” During his campaign, Donald Trump stated that this was “chipping away at Christianity,” and as such ha46BD7B4000000578-5121597-image-a-56_1511803451915s “made Christmas great again.”

Prime Minister Theresa May

Little is known about the interior decorations of Downing Street this year. On the 6th December a large Christmas tree, decorated with over one hundred as baubles and fairy lights was lit up outside Downing Street. However, Theresa May will not be spending Christmas Day in Downing Street but in her home in Maidenhead. It is likely her and her husband, Philip, will go to church and then return home, where they eat home-cooked roast goose.theresa-may-christmas-tree-749780

Jeremy Corbyn

Very little is known about how Jeremy Corbyn celebrates Christmas, or if he celebrates it at all. In 2015 he broke with tradition and did not give a Christmas message, leading some to believe he is “cancelling Christmas.” This changed in 2016, and he used his Christmas message to alert the public to those who are homeless at Christmas time. It is also unclear whether or not Jeremy Corbyn is aware of the many different Christmas jumpers dedicated to him. If you wish to start a Christmas dinner political argument yourself, then surely this is the best way to do it.corbyn christmas jumoper

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