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State Racism Against White South African Farmers: The Untold Story

The blatant and public genocide of farmers with European descent in South Africa is truly disgusting and completely unjustifiable, no matter what your political affiliation. But perhaps what is even worse is the media’s complete failure in reporting the issue.

Now this isn’t going to be some alt-right sob story about how privileged people are oppressed. It’s much more than that. Attacks on over 3,000 white farmers in South Africa since 2010, leading to the deaths of more than 400 innocents, is far worse than any form of casual discrimination, and nobody can deny that.

These deaths are the result of a new divisive government policy of Land Reform. A policy, I might remind you, which was adopted in Zimbabwe and heavily contributed to a national malnourishment rate of 45%, as maize production in particular dropped by a third. Ironically, this led even former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to admit the reforms were flawed, which I think tells us something.

The reforms, in simple terms, would oversee the transition of farmland away from experienced white South Africans to the majority ethnic group, which admittedly may, at a glance, seem fair as 72% of profitable farm owners have European heritage. However, it is the way in which the South African government has gone about this, and the sheer level of violence that has been incited, that makes what is borderline acceptable into an affair which is damn right disgusting.

The crack down on minority farmers goes beyond subtle legislation – which by the way grants the government the right to take away farmland without explanation – and has even ventured into the unacceptable with politicians openly encouraging attacks. For example the leader of the EFF (the main opposition party), Julius Maleema, proposed this legislation in the first place to take on “the criminals that stole our land” and in 2016 also stated that he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people…at least for now”. And the governing African National Congress (ANC) has been just as bad, its behaviour perhaps being epitomised by the public singing of “Shoot the Boers” by the ANC’s youth wing – a song which openly calls for violence against white farmers. Ultimately both of these examples make it fairly obvious that both the government and the opposition have formed an anti-white consensus, seeing farmers that didn’t decide their ancestry being left brutalised and without their property as a consequence.

We must not allow this despicable hate to continue.

Innocent lives have been put at risk, for what? Farm raids are common and leave families without money, tools or cars, ruining the livelihoods of those who were lucky enough not to be served a fate even worse. In this world, many farmers consider themselves lucky to be beaten, normal to watch their wives raped, and not too bad to see their children brutalised; as long as they are able to keep their lives at the end of it. Such a situation should never become normal, and we must take it upon ourselves to report such instances without fear or unease, as the history of racism in South Africa does not justify the actions we see today.

There are people out there that have started to tackle the dangerous and pressing crisis in South Africa, but more needs to be done. 17,000 people across Europe and 16,000 across the US have signed petitions crying out for President Trump and Mr Juncker to open their borders for farmer refugees from South Africa.

Awareness is the biggest problem however, as barely any media outlets are producing any material on the crisis, in case they are labelled “pro-apartheid”. But we at the NewSouthendian are the true defenders of social justice and thus see beyond petty and inaccurate accusations.

At the end of the day, we should all tackle discrimination wherever we may find it, no matter what background the oppressed may have. This is called being a nice human being, not some brutal monster using hatred and legislation based on greed to gain at the expense of others.

…And even if you are horrible and love a good ol’ bashing: it doesn’t make economic sense, and only hurts the majority in the long term!

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