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The Earth Is Flat

the earth is flat. just do some research and you will see that the earth is indeed not spherical but a single level plane. if you have a look at the horizon on a clear sunny day you can see the curve of the earth, oh wait you can’t. because the earth is flat. have any globe earth believers reading this article actually seen the earth from space? no. you haven’t. so how can you believe that the earth is a globe? globe heads believe that the earth is a globe simply because they are told this.

then why is it that i can see the curvature of the earth from airplane windows? you can’t. this is rather simple to explain. the earth looks curved from a plane because the windows of the plane are round thus giving the illusion of a globe earth. windows are designed as such on planes because the cabin itself is curved.

another problem to note in pictures is the use of fish eye lenses which have become more commonly used in modern photography. fish eye lenses distort the edges of the pictures that it takes in turn causing any landscapes to seem round. this is false and is one of the many deceptive tricks used by globe heads to deceive people into believing that the earth is not flat. this is also why many of the photographs taken by globe heads show curvature of the earth and amateur photographs taken by a drone or rocket do not.

there are a lot of criticisms that may arise from globe heads in relation to the flat earth. there are perhaps too many to justify and debunk so here is a quick lightning round of false ideas surrounding the globe earth: gps does not exist -it is a hoax; gravity is nonsense -the earth is constantly accelerating upwards; you cannot fall off the edge of the flat earth -antarctica surrounds the entire perimeter of the earth.

flat earth believers are not alone. millions of people including basketball player kyrie irving are believers in the truth of the earth being a flat plane. charlie stanton, an a-level student of physics, mathematics and computer science at shsb is also a flat earth believer. he states in a paraphrased statement that “of course the earth is flat”….”just do some research.”

ultimately, you have no proof that the earth is a globe. flat earthers will continue to be mocked ignorantly. however, sensory observation will always prevail over scientific theory as stated by samuel rowbotham, an english inventor.

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