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Time’s Up for Hollywood Sex Pests

Disgraced Weinstein and Spacey among the high-profile names accused of perversion.

Following the recent rise in accusations of celebrities and public figures, Hollywood has now been hit by its own scandal, most notably involving director and producer Harvey Weinstein and actor and producer Kevin Spacey.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of abusing his power to get women to commit acts they felt pressured into doing, as well as other acts that he claimed would help the woman in subject. One example of this is American actor Heather Graham, who claimed that she had to have sex with him to get a role in the movie. Graham declined and was never hired for a Weinstein movie. This version of events has also been described by 12 Years a Slave actor, Lupita Nyong’o.

What has been arguably just as shocking as Weinstein’s behaviour towards these woman is his response in light of the accusations. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, or even denying them, Weinstein announced that he is seeing a therapist in rehab about his issues. Last Leg host Adam Hills reacted angrily to this news on the Last Leg arguing how it is alright for a serial rapist and predator to be allowed to seemingly get off the hook by going off to a private rehabilitation centre which he likened to a luxury holiday resort.

Kevin Spacey was another of the high-profile celebrities whose image has been decimated as a result of claims ranging from sexual assault to flashing. The original claim was made by Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp who claims that Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was only 14 years old. There have also been 10 other specific claims about Spacey and the Old Vic theatre company has announced they are looking into accusations made by 20 individuals regarding Kevin Spacey.

Spacey’s response started off with him seeming genuinely upset by the claims as he said he had a lot of respect for Rapp and did not remember any such incident. However, the end of his response seemed to come out of the same book as Weinstein’s with Spacey choosing this as an appropriate time for him to announce he was gay. Uproar followed with people claiming Spacey had come out to try and make his actions seem acceptable, whilst other claimed he came out to draw attention away from the acts. Either way, Spacey did not choose the right time to come out.

The coming out of a major celebrity would usually invoke lots of praise for the individual for their bravery and courage to come out, whereas Spacey’s did the opposite with him being branded a coward for shying away from the real issue at play.

Following the accusations, films and TV series’ have tried to distance themselves from Spacey, with the hit TV show House of Cards being discontinued and the film All the Money in the World retaking every scene that featured Spacey, replacing his character with Christopher Plummer.

However, this is not where the controversy ended as Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5million for the re-shoots, whereas his co-star Michelle Williams was only paid $800. When news of this broke, publicity was focused on Ridley Scott and Mark Wahlberg as to how this had happened and as a result of the publication, Wahlberg decided to give his $1.5 million to the Time’s Up charity in William’s name.

After these claims are settled and lawsuits have been concluded, it may be natural to assume that this sort of behaviour has been left behind by Hollywood, however JJ Abrams said that he finds it very unlikely that these instances, in particular the Harvey Weinstein incident, was a ‘one-man job’. This has led to wide-spread scrutiny of Hollywood and whether there are other instances like this occurring that have yet to be publicised.

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