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Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Many theorists have devised conspiracies suggesting that global warming is a hoax. Beliefs range from scientists manipulating data, to the government attempting to suppress dissent, to just pure criminality. Although there seems to be a lack of concrete evidence to support these claims, the theories come with interesting concepts.

Some key figures in society have attempted to spread the awareness of these conspiracies, which are all explored in this article, whilst some evidence comes from the inconsistencies of climate data.

On 6th November 2012 Donald Trump tweeted that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese, in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive” and then again in 2014 he tweeted “I am tired of hearing this nonsense” (referring to global warming). Whilst he provides no evidence for these far-fetched claims, his position as the president of the U.S. does give his ideas some credibility. Does Trump know something that has been concealed from the public?

Also, John Coleman – the founder of the Weather Channel – has labelled climate change the “greatest scam in history”. He has proceeded to back up this idea by explaining that “the polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number”. However, many scientists have disregarded his claims, stating that he lacks scientific evidence in his theory.

One pivotal event which gave support in the debate of global warming’s reality was the Climatic Research Unit email controversy. Beginning in 2009, the Climatic Research Unit was hacked and emails were released that, according to many people, seemed to prove that scientists had been manipulating climate data.

Author Michael Crichton’s novel State of Fear describes a conspiracy to create public panic about global warming. Whilst it is a work of fiction, the novel includes 20 pages of footnotes, which Crichton has claimed as providing a factual basis for his ideas.

In 2008, the American company ABC news predicted that Manhattan would be underwater by 2015, as a result of climate change. Theorists have since changed this date to 2018, and then 2045. The inconsistency of their claim has led to many suggesting that this proves that global warming is not real.

While several individuals intensely believe in these conspiracies, scientists have been quick to disregard them and have attacked back with mountains of concrete and reliable evidence to support the reality and severity of global warming.

Is it worth the risk believing these conspiracies when we have a lot of evidence supporting the reality of climate change? If we stand by idly and argue over its actual existence, we’ll end up losing the fight against global warming.

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