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How does Donald Trump’s style stack up?

“I mean part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich!”

When you read this quote your mind either instantly thinks of an extremely pompous individual or just someone who is plain stupid, as they have made the imprudent decision to talk of themselves in terms of ‘beauty’ while bringing up their wealth. Either way for many, this quote will direct them to the one and only Donald Trump.

For those of you who are not very familiar with Donald Trump, I will provide you with an overview of who this ill- mannered individual is. Do not worry, not too much time will be wasted with political ideas or facts, as there are none when it comes to him. Donald Trump is a man of wealth and power, which he uses to bring out his huge ego to all of America, and somehow to the rest of the world. He is, as some may say, ‘The unlikely candidate whose ignorance is only outstripped by his arrogance’. The fact that Donald Trump has successfully earned himself the resentment of tens of millions of Americans just proves that no one seems to appreciate his ‘beauty’. Now, I could go on to exemplify how many people detest Trump, yet instead I am going to evaluate Trump according to his fashion sense.

Interestingly enough, over the past few years, a collection of psychological surveys have revealed the true impact of clothing choices on the way in which we as a society, and as individuals, perceive and judge each other.

Donald Trump’s style and dominant image when he is either up on the stand belligerently presenting his ideas and future plans for America , or slagging off Hilary Clinton in their usual formal debates, consists of: a simple navy or black suit, white shirt, and monochromatic tie. Yet, Donald Trump labels his look as a ‘Reagan- era Wall Street Mogul’, which links back to when President Ronald Reagan’s faith created a long and strong economic ‘boom’ improving the American Economy as a whole. Therefore Donald Trump tries to use his ever so simple and boring outfits as an advertising factor which supposedly reinforces his slogan; ‘Make America Great Again’.

In contrast to Trump’s smart move for his looks and campaigns, his natural looks do not fall into the same ‘successful’ category. We have all been there when we tried something new and it did not come out the way we wanted it to, yet in Trump’s case, when it comes to his orange tinted- not- tanned ‘antics’, it seems like he is a victim of a sunbed and spray tan “Jersey Shore” style. It is evident that Trump has not learnt from his mistakes as he has repeated his ‘fake-tan overload look’ one too many times, and up until now, he still looks proud when saying; “It is very hard for them to attack me on looks, because I’m so good looking”. Unless he mixed up the meanings of his words, Trump is quite mistaken as society rather ‘enjoys’ breaking out jokes and puns in relevance to Trumps “natural” looks.

Usually, the background situated behind Donald Trump during his speeches consists of a display of the American flag. Now, if you look at Trump’s outfit you can immediately see where Donald gets his colour coordination inspirations from- what are the colours of the American flag again? That’s right! Trump’s outfits are almost always composed of the colours visible in the American flag; its either crimson red tie on white shirt, or Persian blue tie on white shirt.

Irony finds its place when Macys pulled the clothing line of the man who spoke to the people of America and said; “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning”. Seems like Donald Trump does not score a win in every department, even before he is elected.

However, Trump still finds a way to display that he does not the need the support of those who deter him, as he would prefer a company brand that produces and manufactures on American soil to publicise his clothing line due to illegal immigration and currency manipulation, yet Macys has manufacturing stations in China. In one of Donald Trump’s interview with Entertainment Tonight, he mentions; “China, Mexico, Japan, almost everybody, they’re taking our business of our country away from us, like we’re children”.

Later on, Trump is seized against his own words in another of his interviews at the Letterman Show where, interestingly enough, the shirts and ties he uses have been made in Bangladesh and China. Trump’s only reply was a slight head tilt and a squinting of the eyes, with a later on pitiful comment of “In all fairness I’ve been very opened about that, and not all of them by the way”. Can Trump ever stay truthful to his words when it comes to his wardrobe choosing’s? Or will his usual dreary outfits be reflected in his actions for America and its citizens?

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