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Album Review: Chase the Light

The ‘Palace vibe’ is most certainly it’s own entity, something that has been drenched in reverb and echoes that emphasise the slow dawdling of every note. This is the calm shroud that billows over every move of the music’s groove. These songs offer escapism and a time to feel out of touch. A sense of being lost but not keen to find a way out of the haunting sounds that surrounds you.
Palace create a space where all instrumental parts can sit distantly and not disturb each other, yet there exists a sound that is so full and melodies that work so harmoniously. The band have mastered the art of designing quite distinct, intricate parts that are so collectively brilliant when implanted within the midst of a song.
This group of four from London has been keeping themselves quiet for quite a while, being brushed aside by much louder and angrier bands. This makes it all the more surprising that all it took was the release of a first EP and suddenly, the unknown band were propelled onto a support tour with Jamie T. Now Palace are making their reserved stamp on the world of Indie, flavouring it with subtlety and a sound that fills all of the empty spaces.
Their entire body of work is modest in size but consists of anthems to those who discover their point of endearment. They have two EP’s; Lost in the Night and their latest release, Chase the Light. Both have an outstanding content of five songs and can be found on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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