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Who is King Krule?

Formerly known as Zoo Kid from earlier released material, Archy Marshall has forged a new identity for himself. This time coinciding with a more dark and mysterious take on his musical style for the patiently awaited debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, released about a year after anticipated.

This is a voice that is truly worth listening to, for the dramatic experience of hearing it and for the benefit that it’s words possess. It is surprising that such a deep and startling sound can radiate from a body so small in stature. There is quite and apparent hostility between King Krule’s vocals and his music as they struggle against each other attempting to make their own mark on our mood. His voice is very charged, aggressive and cannot wait to get into our heads. As oppose to the melodies and sounds behind it that take a drastically more mellow tone and are full of composure and soft texture, taking their time to reach our ears.

However Marshall’s voice stands proudly at the forefront of every song. As if there is an ongoing effort to restrain the vocals, they spew out of the singer in savage bursts and then quickly recede back to a quiet groan until suddenly they stab forward and re-surface again. This dynamic effect causes particular words to have great emphasis but moreover gives the entire vocal style a slightly pained aura. It is confused and lazy. It sways around freely, struggling to hold itself up, simply starting the song ‘A Lizard State’ with a single mangled, gravelly sigh.

Marshall came from an apparently troubled London up bringing, his way of expression seems to be derived from his past distressing experiences. For me the album collectively forms the essence of an urban landscape, just delivered sonically by his phrasing and choice of muffled, broken electronic drum loops. Descriptively, the artist’s music comes across as being rather bleak and dismal when in-fact there is a side that is quite comforting when listening to it, it is easy to lose yourself within this album. You can familiarise with cliché sayings that are constantly addressed as lyrics and are attracted to the consistency of honesty and raw qualities that make the work so interesting and human.

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