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The Reality of Celebrity Power Couples

They’re walking on every red carpet, appearing on every talk show, starring in film after film together and being talking about in every magazine. Power couples have become a central aspect of our celebrity culture, with the populous seeming to lap up something as simple as a picture of Posh and Becks doing the weekly food shop.

It is a strange reality, and yet none of us seem to question it. We seem to have become desensitised to the multitude of articles, with many of us even going as far as to idolise these relationships. We see them as the pinnacle of happiness and love – as untouchable and unbreakable. However, the question is, how wrong are we to place these relationships on a pedestal, and how is that also detrimental to our lives?

On the 20th September 2016, the internet entered meltdown. Reports came flooding in thick and fast that one of the world’s most iconic power couples – Brangelina – were splitting after two years of marriage. It was being talked about on almost every news station, twitter was crying out that “TRUE LOVE IS DEAD!”, and many were questioning how they didn’t notice sooner. However, when did it become our business to know why they split? When were we granted access to the ins and outs of the proceedings? When was it OK for every man and his dog to weigh in with their two cents?

The problem with these relationships being so revered is that we think we know everything about their personal lives, and worse than that, think we have every right to. We expect to be granted tell-all access to their arguments, their disagreements, their disputes – something we would never expect to even know of our family members. We seem to want these celebrities to sell every single part of their lives to us, and to give us unrestricted, prime-time viewing 24 hours a day. When we don’t receive this, we place them on an even higher pedestal, filling in the blanks with our own imagination, and then act surprised and dismayed when we find out the truth.

Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Cher. All are infamous for embarking on short-lived marriages, but the question is, who lasted the longest? Kim Kardashian actually lasted a whopping 72 days to ex Kris Humphries, after a wedding that reportedly cost $10 million, whilst Cher lasted a respectable 9 days to musician Gregg Allman. However, it is Spears who clinches the title for most impressive, with an astonishing 55 hours of marriage.

These showcase one of the most well-known characteristics of celebrity marriages is that the lack of longevity is clear. However, there are clearly many factors that contribute to these quick separations, such as busy work schedules and large amounts of time spent apart. It is common knowledge that the majority of these relationship don’t last, and yet we act surprised when they end. It seems that we all hold out hope that this will be the one that lasts the test of time, even whilst the probability is low.

To answer the title, the reality of celebrity power couples is simply that they are real. They have their ups and downs just like any marriage, and they also have love at their core. We are not entitled to be a third party throughout their lives, nor should they be anything more than a real, loving marriage in our eyes. We need to stop caring about what washing liquid Jay-Z and Beyoncé use, and instead about the real problems in our world. We need to let these marriages be marriages, and not on any higher pedestal than that.

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